Study Permit

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Study permits are required for foreign nationals who wish to study at a Canadian educational institution.

To be eligible to study in Canada, you must be accepted by a designated learning institution in Canada. Once you receive this acceptance, you can then apply for permission to study in Canada. It is important to make sure that the courses or programs that you choose in Canada conform with the type of study/work that you have completed in the past. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will be looking to see that your study plan is consistent with your past education.

You must also prove to IRCC that you are able to financially support yourself during your studies, as well as have enough money to pay all your education fees. You can include proof of financial support from your parents to help satisfy IRCC that you have the required funds to support your studies.  In cases of minor children, IRCC will want to see that the minor has also made satisfactory arrangements for his or her care. In addition, IRCC will want to see that they have sufficient ties to their home country and that they will return home once they have completed their studies.

It is important to note that certain institutions and lengths of programs will qualify you for off-campus and post-graduate work permits.  If you are hoping to work during or after your studies, it is important to determine ahead of time whether your chosen school/program qualifies.

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